5 Inspiring Podcasts to Spark Innovation

Lately I have been enjoying listening to podcasts again, and wanted to share some of the most inspiring ones I found lately:

IDEO Futures is Design Thinking and Start Ups mixed with a healthy dose of humor and nerdiness. This is one of the most enjoyable podcasts I found this year, and only wished they recorded them more often.


Product Hunt’s Podcast is a wonderful example of mastering the art of an interview, both in the selection of guests and in the questions asked to make the whole experience extremely enjoyable. Kudos to Eric Torenberg for making these, hope he picks podcasting up again.


Inc. Uncensored is a rollercoaster of a show about innovation and cool companies. Exciting to listen, a bit corporative at times.


Six Pixels of Separation, full of nuggets that Mitch Joel draws from his guests, adds to the mix bringing variety and a marketers point of view to this world.


99% Invisible also brings varied topics to the listener, with a “documentary” format narrated by Roman Mars. Immerse yourself into this well crafted sound universe.

As a bonus, I would suggest listening to anything with Seth Godin (can’t get enough of him), and at least one pitch of Simon Sinek (here talking about Millennials in his usual passionate way).

I hope you like these suggestions, please let me know your own favourites, it is always so exciting to discover amazing new podcasts.

Steve Blank

Out of all people, I think Steve Blank deserves the first post when you are talking about tools for innovation. In particular when speaking about startup tools, Steve stands alone in terms of the size of the treasure trove he offers on his webpage for anyone patient enough to explore.

His Startup Tools webpage has great resources regarding startup advice, market research and his launchpad videos.

Don’t be discouraged if you are not going through it all in a day. I see it more as an archive to go back to when in doubt.

Thanks Steve!